Yummy Snak Man Doo

What’s your favorite snack? Is it coleslaw look-alike maple slaw, the all-time people’s favorite salad made out of maple syrup, sauerkraut, onions, and seasonings? Or is it Isadore Schlafman’s famous Montreal-style Bagel, the crumbly yet chewy dough with the essence of honey? For some people, it would be your traditionally cooked Canadian pastry, Beaver tails, made by frying the dough in canola oil along with utter butter. And how can we not mention the number one French Canadian snack, the poutine, made from all-time favorite french fries dunked in thick gravy along with the creamy cheesy curd? 

Well, whatever it may be, it’s all gonna change cause the all-new king of taste Snak Man Doo is here. If you haven’t tried it yet, go and get one snack of your taste. The snack is a fabulous way to get instant energy, no matter what you do: taking a jog, sitting and watching a TV, having a session in a , meeting with friends, or having a cozy evening in the armchair. 

Winner Chicken Meal

If you are looking for a snack, yet it has to be dinner or just a meal to enjoy while killing time, playing some online slots, check out Snak Man Doo. You heard it right, this flavored snack can be your dinner or even a meal. Now you can eat tastily meals and dinner other than your usual poutine and plates of pasta. Snak Man Doo offers a wide range of flavors from everywhere.

What we offer

General Tao Bites

Wanna taste some spices? Get your bite on with General Tao Snakmando — crispy, yet makeable, easy-to-cook snacks filled with magnate chicken and greenies in a spicy sauce. A royal and delightful appetizer ideal for nighttime, daytime, or anytime.

Main Ingredients: Wheat Flour, cooked seasoned white chicken, salt, soy oil, celery, H2o chestnuts, rice wine seasoning, and more.

Contains - soy, sesame seeds, and wheat.

Nutrition fact: Calories 180, Protein 6 g (Per: 6 pieces (85g)

Vietnamese Style Bites

Savor Some Tangy! Drill into Vietnamese Style Snakmando — crumbly, yet crispy bites stuffed with seasoned white chicken and greens in a tangy tamarind special sauce. Have them as your meal or save them for dinner. Well, It’s up to you, but choose wisely. Or you might end up eating your fingers.

Main ingredients: wheat flour, garlic powder, salt, added sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, cooked seasoned chicken water, and many more.

Contains soy, sesame seeds, and gluten. 

Nutrition Facts: Calories 180.00, Protein 6 g.(Per: 6 pieces (85g)

Butter Chicken Bites

Utterly butter It Up! Dive into Butter Chicken Snakmandoo — crumbly, yet bakeable bites stuffed with white seasoned chicken and greenies in an utter butter-flavored curry sauce. An instantaneous appetizer. Enjoy the night, noon, morning, or anytime, it doesn’t matter.

I assure you, if you have them once, you will rave for more. The spicy Indian carry curry. One of its kind.

Main ingredients: Spices, milk ingredients, red bell pepper, peas, onion, tomato paste, soybean oil, corn, salt, sodium phosphate, water, cooked seasoned white chicken, wheat flour, and many more of our hand-picked ingredients.

Contains mustard, milk, and wheat

Nutrition Facts: Calories 181.0, Protein 7.0 g.(Per: 6 pieces (85g)

Tandoori Lime Bites the lime flavor snac

Have some Tandoori! Dab the Tandoori Lime Snakmandoo — crumble bakeable famous Indian appetizer bites filled with white seasoned chicken in a lime-flavored creamy sauce. They’re classical for dipping in after work, as a party snack, or as a snack before an outing. Feel the famous flavors of Indian spices here making your every taste buds taste.

Main ingredients: Spices, milk ingredients, red bell pepper, peas, onion, tomato paste, soybean oil, corn, salt, sodium phosphate, water, rich Indian spices, and others.

Nutrition Facts: Calories 200.0, Protein 7.0 g.(Per: 6 pieces (85g)

Choose from any of the delicious snacks and have a tasty meal.