Favorite chicken snacks in Canada!

Chicken, we love it and we eat a lot of it throughout the world. According to the USDA, Canadians consumed over 90 pounds of chicken per capita in 2021. Which makes sense considering how many different ways you can prepare and serve it! But honestly, what is there not to like about this delicious food that's good for our heart, skin and bones? And after thinking about all that I decided that I would take on the challenge of finding THE BEST CHICKEN SNACKS IN CANADA! Fingers crossed I will find something new to me (and hopefully yummy) because as you might know by now - my favorite part about traveling around Canada is tasting new foods! So without further ado - let's get started!


Price: $2.44 for 40oz at Walmart and Loblaws in Canada

Taste: 10/10

The first item we tried was Savour The Spicy! Get your snack on with General Tao Snakmandoo™ — crispy, bakeable, easy to make snacks filled with seasoned white chicken and vegetables in a sweet and spicy sauce. An easy appetizer perfect for daytime, nighttime, or anytime. 

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These snacks are perfect for anyone who loves spicy food! They have an authentic taste that will leave you craving more after every bite. The best part is that there are no artificial flavors or colors added to these tasty treats – only wholesome ingredients like white chicken meat, vegetables, and spices. So go ahead and give us a try today! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

№2: KFC Popcorn Nuggets

Price: $5.99 for 4 pieces at participating KFC restaurants in Canada

Taste: 8.5/10

The next item on our list is one of my favorites - THE POPCORN NUGGETS FROM KFC (yes, they are called popcorn when regular)!! It's similar to the actual chicken but it contains less grease and fat which makes them healthier than the regular ones because it has less calories per serving (30% less). Plus, they taste amazing especially with ketchup! And this is why I give them an 8.5/10 rating since I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious they were.

№3: KFC Grilled Chicken Bites

Price: $5.99 for 6 pieces at participating KFC restaurants in Canada

Taste: 9.5/10

Another product from my favorite chicken restaurant - I mean the world's greatest chicken restaurant! (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist) - but actually it's also one of my favorites on this list since I had them before and they tasted great! So what are these grilled chicken bites? Well, to be honest with you guys, I was expecting some sort of wings fried in breadcrumbs but instead it was more like a buttery piece of deep-fried fillet that melts in your mouth! The best part is that eachpiece is very juicy but not greasy which makes them perfect for an afternoon snack. Also, if you didn't know by now - KFC also has vegetarian options so you don't have to eat meat in order to enjoy this great restaurant!

№4: McDonald's Chicken McNuggets (6 pieces)

Price: $5.39 with tax at Super-Target and Walmart in Canada

Taste: 8/10

The next item on our usual list are the classic Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's. Now, remember when I mentioned how KFC had 30% less calories than regular nuggets? Well... they do... But these ones contain 10 MORE grams of fat per 100g serving (which means 290% more!). Tobe honest, that is quite a lot but I guess most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and regular nuggets if you put them next to each other. And what's great about these ones is that they are also very juicy which most people like (me included). Also, if you like McDonald's french fries - then you might want to try their McChicken Sandwich because it tastes amazing!

№5: Tim Hortons' Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Price: $3.49 with tax at participating locations in Canada

Taste: 8/10

Next up on our list is the famous Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Tim Hortons. What makes this sandwich so unique? Well, for one thing, it doesn't look like your regular fast-food sandwich because the bread is actually very thick and it comes in two pieces. Now you might be asking yourself, "How does this compare to their burgers?”. Well... if I had to choose - I would go for the burgers still but only by a small margin! It's not bad but since their burgers are so good, it takes them some time to catch up. As for the chicken, it tastes great even though it contains 20% of your recommended daily fat intake which makes it somewhat unhealthy if you eat too much of them. But just don't do that and you'll be fine!